Prototypes and products delivered at market speed – when and where you need them.

WFL Market Speed means:

  • Fast, 24/7 response – you’re always in-the-know
  • Timely samples – as quickly as overnight
  • Rapid changes – the ability to implement and adapt with accuracy
  • On-time delivery – anywhere in the world, on the date promised

We measure our experience in decades and our response time in minutes.

WFL has been exceeding the needs of our customers for over 50 years. That's why we understand the industry cycles and the need for fast turnaround by retail buyers to enable quick sales turnover. Our flexibility in production planning enables you to maximize profit and meet market demand.

With WFL, you're always in touch with a decision maker with the authority and experience to get your orders done right. Ongoing communication with real-time updates help reassure that your programs are accurate and on track. Because we own all of our production facilities, we can implement any necessary last-minute changes that you may require smoothly and quickly, and ensure identical, quality output.

Brand Quality

Your brand is as important to the experts at WFL as it is to you. That's why you can be always be sure who is making your products – we are.

Brand New

As your partner in building a stronger brand, we work with you to create trend-setting designs. We research new materials to match your vision.

Brand Reach

For more than 50 years, WFL has delivered label, trim and packaging solutions for premium apparel companies on time, around the world.