The reason many of the world's most iconic brands rely on WFL is that we deliver consistent, premium-quality brand identification products. You deserve the same. Let WFL create products that reliably express your brand essence, are up to your brand's high standards, and deliver the finishing touches of the overall brand experience.

Our clients most valuable assets are their brands
Brand Fast

Prototype & delivery at market speed

We understand industry cycles & the need for fast turnaround by retail buyers to enable quick sales turnover. Our flexibility enables you to maximize profit and meet market demand.

Brand New

Personal attention to quality control

Unparalleled knowledge and unique flexibility – combined with your creative ideas – take the brand experience into every detail of the trims and tags to make the greatest impact on the retail floor.

Brand Reach

Endless range of materials & techniques

Flexibility and innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of your marketplace. We are experts at every type of weaving technique and printing process – from the latest to vintage techniques.